Thursday, October 27, 2016

Poverty stress and war reduction

.Its possible to change the world ---if you have a vision of how it can be done . Part of that is studying how we in the West  did it . .How we live so well in the desert with being able to show with fresh water every day etc 

Young students of politics , philosophy and environment could be inspired that reducing poverty is a very achievable objective that we in the West can encourage -

 To do that we MUST stop writing half baked unworkable prescriptions  that show our own weak willed resistance to the lack of " sound governance" in their own countries;  to inadequate worldviews .

We must silence the reactionary old sorts whose major role in life and chatter has been criticism and cynicism . The wonder of the West is not to dismiss the bad,  but to push yourself beyond it . "If you look for bad you will find bad" ( Attr Graham Long) 

Back to the precision of good decision.
Most of the trouble is generated and continues in rural areas .

This is  the one area where the otherwise effective modern monolithic economic theory of efficiency doesn't work - it screws the farmers and the earth .  We have some way to go here in Australia yet to deal with our own lack of sound eco understanding.The most important are for intellectual reform that i can think of - my professional area , which should be in ascendancy--- is in tatters .
The tragedy of the West is that major sectors have falsely assumed that this simple nonsense about the wonder of simple eco efficiency should be applied to government . Paradoxically there are elements of this stupidity in both Trump and Clinton camps  

So reform is not just a economic technicality - comfortable worldviews must be changed across the world .

My generation observed many millions of very poor people in India but failed to really UNDERSTAND that there were also many of the richest people there as well.

Most importantly, we failed to recognise that there was something in the way they thought- *their worldview" which limited them to no change/ resistance to change .

We need to be firm , but more importantly to know what we are trying to do - esp when trying to influence outsiders . Like members of our own family we can't always influence them to change - so AID is our only choice . Carefully considered aid and training scholarships ( where students come here and go back) are needed.

We first need to understand all the areas where we were once great in our thinking . All the areas wher dumb sht still reigns Where we are still weak in will and understanding 
Trump clearly,  as a benefactor of the worst kind of economic ripoff culture, is no model

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Johnniem said...

Only today I had to remind members of my own generation that that they are far too cynical and critical of the intelligent faith that HAS driven the WEST into many good places.
This almost predictable cynicism of the past is now a debilitating disease of both the media and their audience .
Worse. its not helping young people see that there are some good jobs to be done and many of them are based on a realistic view of the past , not an overly cynical view.Many don't realise that cynicism makes it too easy to dismiss the road to care!
Are we becoming grizzlers in the social network ----as well as at home - sad