Thursday, October 27, 2016

Poverty stress and war reduction

YES Its possible to change the world ---if you have a vision of how it can be done .Take the worlds outside our own just to gain a more objective view of the good and bad parts of our civilisation.

My generation observed many millions of very poor people in India but failed to really UNDERSTAND that there were also many of the richest people there as well.

Most importantly, we failed to recognize that there was something in the way they thought- *their worldview" which limited them to no change/ resistance to change .

We need to be firm , but more importantly to know what we are trying to do - esp when trying to influence outsiders . Like members of our own family we can't always influence them to change - so AID is our only choice . Carefully considered aid and training scholarships ( where students come here and go back) are needed.

We first need to understand all the areas where we were once great in our thinking . All the areas wher dumb sht still reigns Where we are still weak in will and understanding 
Trump clearly,  as a benefactor of the worst kind of economic ripoff culture, is no model

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Monday, April 04, 2016

Avoiding cynicism

Are you torn between optimism and pessimism about the world ?...and particularly the people in it ?. You are not alone .GK Chesterton in writing about one of the world's most joyful and effective people creators in fiction said this about  Dickens;
" The world can be made beautiful again by beholding it as a battlefield"
the only antidote he and we note to false optimism and joyless approval of ALL  is "a sudden and pugnacious belief in positive evil" .
Dickens didn't put evil in his characters because he wanted to create character but because  evil in character is a real and present danger .   There are reasons to fear - know them better \

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