Wednesday, May 02, 2012

How do you feel about yourself ?

  • Feel very Alone at times? Sure we ALL feel and KNOW that to be true .  Part of the wonder of being unique-- you know . You are like no one else and neither am I 
  • Feel Insecure . Everyone has some form of insecurity, so don't feel alone because you are not alone there . We all have different things to " worry about " in that regard ,Besides a wekeness can be an opportnity  Stevie wonder can't see but doesn't  he inspire  beautifully 
  • Feel ugly or unfit  ?  This is probably the hardest thing because we all are prone to feel this AND hang this feeling onto others( project it) . You have been created unique . You may be more handsome or less handsome than your parents,  and your kids will be the same .
    Should you worry about passing some genetic traits  onto your children ?
    Who says you are unfit anyway ? - only mere men . Many days we wanna ask God why he allowed us to be the way we are ; One day I think we will understand why and won't need to be told why , but its not Today . Today is , it seems to me , for adventures in faith .
  • Feel overwhelmed . The depth of the challenge is often far greater than YOU alone can manage . Need some help ? Think Hebrew  - you have been given a big job  , so have I . Why does it never rain but it pours ? 
  • Feeling not sure about what you should do ? Follow that dream . 
"The circumstances of your life have uniquely qualified you to make a contribution . And if you don't make that contribution , nobody else can make it " Rabbi Harold S Kushner

Also you might like to read  G K Chesterton's chapter on "Flag of the World"  in ORTHODOXY

You hava gooday now !