Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Heroes-- find some

Don't be put off by the many who are stuck in the safety of the bottom line. Those whose conversations can't rise to anything above the waistline, or whatever.
To be creative you have to be on the edge - not always in the centre.
Nature is not your natural limit ,,,unless you let it be .

Find a hero in your backyard ........and get to know them ; Here's some Warning : they may only be ordinary people ----right now.
If you pretend we need to be anything else, you may miss seeing a real hero and maybe never find what you are looking for for yourself! Modelling - a good start as long as you remember nobody's perfect .
Good things are hard to find . Once you have struggled to find a few heroes , you won't be as easily distracted by the quick fiz or the colour and movement that distracts so many .