Thursday, October 10, 2019

If you were Bill Gates, what would you do to change the world?

I love some of their projects ( like getting proper plumbing to people) but as a practical  ecologist , environmental risk assessor and student of human history,  I know there is much more needed than mere money and technology . Only integrated and inspirational can change the world for good .

To my mind , we have to,  like the job we have with ourselves and our families ( See Happy Valley on Stan) deal with the brokenness in  punchy personal and then other ways . Pick up the pieces and see how we can reform the good bits (as the Policewoman does in the above series )and not be overcome by cynicism - the bad and risky bits (that must be faced )

Take the grand paradox of democracy
. As Churchill reminds us NO SYSTEM ( technology . plan or instrument ) is perfect . Don't throw out the baby,  with the bathwater as many  do  That technological fix mentality IS more than  half the problem with the West  tas Jacques Ellul ,  Orwell and Huxley said. The popular progressive ( I question that tired old and immature idea as do many , like GK Chesterton)
I know , as we should all know, that that the Western tradition is not one of revolution (or this common simple faith projection of automatic progress) but one of reform.
I call all  people everywhere to making sure their democracy works and is not just a name or mathematical projection only  ( the voice of  ONE child can liberate your country just  one dictator or dictatorial party can kill it .)

 The popular vote can be all wrong !!! We must not just go through the emotions and expect wonder and miracles to come from " the majority "of the majority idea of the moment ,- thats a tecnological fix idea ( Take Hitlers and all modern tyrannies for example where public opinion was a driver )

In Australia , like it seems many other democracies  at the moment,  is a mess. A stalemate mess  run by minor voices of  a  party kind .  Well intentioned ( the greatest source of evil) on the surface , but no idea of practicalities on the inside . Emotion and sentiment over substance .

I am hoping young people  YES YOU    ( who have already demonstrated their care for animals and fair play ) will fix it and make it work again as our forefathers ( say in 1900's) intended . The idea is " About same reps in country and city .
NO COUNTRY  should be ruled by urban fringe elements  and dependant parts of its economy

The West is , at its best,  a reformation tradition;'one that is careful to sift the denial, guilt .obfuscation, denigration , projection , pride greed and self righteous building on so called "good intention" and mere sentiment ( the key driver of much stupidity? ) ;
n the new millennium in particular , the ignorance and arrogance of those who would presume to put their smart arse s on the line for a mere plan of their own making is truly frightening.  Good governance is not  just good business - that is one thing the left are right about,  when they too get it right . ,Those who focus  on how we can do cultural change with media messages and more laws are clearly risking greater tyranny .just as those who trust only in capitalism are ignoring their /our families and what makes them work .