Monday, October 15, 2012

When our minds are a mess

Sure , big call . lets' just start with one place when we can all lose our minds - when we are angry ..Things said in anger and accusations about a person and their character (as opposed to their actions ) can be easily confused - the shorthand can be shocking and wrong . Thinking calm collected people ( rare breed not the qualification ) can make a distinction between the sin and the sinner  but angry people ( that can be us )can't ----which is why its a bit stupid to take all the careless talk about misogny in Parliament this week too seriously.She said He said;  He's a "mis......" She's  a "miss....." is not only childish - its totally mistaken identity.
There is a fine line between the pleasure and pain of words; Our theologically at sea left groups are showing it .
There is thankfully and theologically a clear line between hating the sin and hating the sinner;  keeping that distinction in mind will help you ; it will help you not only speak well when you are sober but also help you see reason and change your mind after you lose it. A half baked faith ( say in the rule of laws) , if it doesn't cover all the territory of life ,  is useless. Our antecedents had a fuller view of these issues more here 

Monday, October 01, 2012

Rallying for change

Seen two good rallies this weekend rallying for change . the point is though "what change". If rallies aren't just to be frustration indicators ( Egypt )the trumpets need to be clear.
The Whyalla protestors are right to advocate for consideration of alternative power sources but if the children do it ,like they did in Victoria all we we will have is more expensive power and water - more jobs for someone but PC quickfiz jobs - not careers?. Great maturity and wisdom is required because the greatest job we can give our kids is the job to sort it out: when solar ,which solar, when gas, where tidal  and when coal . To just join the protest about too much burning - its too easy.People and purpose will get burned.
Same with Brunswick rally in memory of girls like Jill Meagher? Will the security cameras stop women from ignoring how men misinterpret nearly everything at 1:30 in the morning ?Is it more than coincidence that we expect cameras rather than real men to be the inspiration ? Is technology our only savior here?
Great maturity and wisdom is required and the greatest job we can give our kids is the job to sort it out ;when and where to use technology and when and  where to target the law and education and respect for yourself and real risks on the street .To join the protest about too much burning - it's too easy .

If you are a young person reading this ,there is some great jobs out their for you, but  don't go looking in the crowds for answers - you have to apply for them yourself ; Its probably not one of the many quickfiz jobs listed in the media traffic of the day!