Monday, October 15, 2012

When our minds are a mess

Sure , big call . lets' just start with one place when we can all lose our minds - when we are angry ..Things said in anger and accusations about a person and their character (as opposed to their actions ) can be easily confused - the shorthand can be shocking and wrong . Thinking calm collected people ( rare breed not the qualification ) can make a distinction between the sin and the sinner  but angry people ( that can be us )can't ----which is why its a bit stupid to take all the careless talk about misogny in Parliament this week too seriously.She said He said;  He's a "mis......" She's  a "miss....." is not only childish - its totally mistaken identity.
There is a fine line between the pleasure and pain of words; Our theologically at sea left groups are showing it .
There is thankfully and theologically a clear line between hating the sin and hating the sinner;  keeping that distinction in mind will help you ; it will help you not only speak well when you are sober but also help you see reason and change your mind after you lose it. A half baked faith ( say in the rule of laws) , if it doesn't cover all the territory of life ,  is useless. Our antecedents had a fuller view of these issues more here 

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