Sunday, January 31, 2010

Want to be successful?- Take the tough choices and you'll live life to the full

None of us want to admit when we act like wimps, but just acting tough is no answer to the woosiness all around us.
The toughness that works ( See that great tough man Clint doing the toughest film of his life in GRAN TORINO) ....can often seem weak--- explaining why so many fail to see the GRITTY apparent weakness type as the best choice - the sort of choice that makes you stronger and helps you develop the sort of independant strength that resists the self centeredness and self justification that stifled nearly everyone in Wil and Tow's street .

See the film ; talk about " whose weak and why " among your friends and wonder at just how powerful are the young people in the story when they stand up in their own skins with nothing but a will to do what helps resolve conflict and deal with the damage properly . You can do too it if you think tough and are not just ....... acting tough.