Friday, January 27, 2012

The growth of offensive behaviour

Don't know about you but the increasing noise from young stars who don't control their squeals on a lob is symbolic of a problem that is not just theirs.
Sharapova says she is surprised to hear that people find her noisy efforts are offensive. Did no one tell her or was she not willing to hear. I feel sure someone has told her they are but like most of us with some of our bad habits ----we don't listen .
It's sad for any of our young people to find in their  prime that they have faults that people find offensive .Harder still  if they only ever find them once married ( always a few things though so u can survive such offences with love )
Better though they hear about them clearly from their parents, their teachers and us who call them friends . True friends would do it - Do these Stars lack true friends ?  
Whatever happened to self control? Sharapova says noone told her her habit was annoying - she knows now, but why didn't she listen earlier and act to change her ways ? ( blame? ,excuses? , louder squeals,? silence ? )
If you are in any doubt , tell children again and again of their bad habits. ( help the parents) After all, you don't want them to display them publicly like these tennis stars do .
Surely this phenomenon shows clearly the cost of shoddy thinking - the heretical view of morality where " tolerance " means putting up with bad behaviour and not saying things ( lest U offend) .
 Sin doesn't condemn the sinner ,but silence can .U heard it first from that book
I just posted a piece on why we love our mums' - they bother to be heard over the loud squeals.