Thursday, October 27, 2005

HOMES rather than SHEDS to go to.

Young Jason asks nicely whether the governmnet could do something , but will his reasonable request be heard ( Brisbane line - land allocation )
There was a time, not so long ago ,when leaders of both parties supported his great idea. And a great idea it was because it kept the price of homes down and the market away from meddling too much with this basic need we all have .Kept us from easily falling for that old popular myth that our houses were the key to our economic wealth.

Even better than giving young people a bit of commonwealth land away from where the work was , they studied where best to put houses and they paid for it - not a sin as they spend a lot on other things and then sold houses and kept aeye on the market - esp so homes didn't become mere clones of that secondrate extract of economia called the shed.

But they don't like to interfere in the market like they used to then, so, until they stop sleeping to the chant we make a bit of noise, and wait for them to wake up.
Our homes, despite being places where we learn economia are too good and too complex to house the crude, if essential, subdivisions we called sheds. Now that sheds and their simple lines and substance have become the focus, families feel the stress . yes talk about it more