Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Feeling hard done by ?

Try this . When you think YOU need a lift ,.....try, just try giving someone else a lift.
You know what - we are all in the same boat- wanting but not getting all the understanding we want( me too). If you are going to insist on help from others you could be waiting a long time.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Go for it - the world is yours

My mum is always on this subject - "the world is yours to fully explore and discover things in" .
Why then to do so many feel hemmed in?  Do we really need to be part of a  herd?  After all, we are social animals.  When is it wise to revise and go exploring? Clearly we all need to do it sometime to test whether our parents are as clever as they make out . We would be stupid if we didn't do this. The tools we use to test our impressions though are important ; we would be wise though if we watched and listened more than we touched ? And I am definitely not talking about " Home and Away ' or much that is on TV 
Tolkien said "Not everyone who is wandering is lost"  and wrote great works to remind us that exploring is OK and even necessary . But as his works suggest ,we all also seem to need a home ( Shire ground ) to come home too.  Exploring for the sake of exploring doesn't seem to work - many people get lost,  hurt and bitter .They may get what they want,  but be worse off than before ; Take Hamlet  .  Still other plays and stories from real life remind us that that only way forward is to go back first . Progress is through the trunk and not through each and every branch.
As Plato and Tolkien indicate,  its only really possible to see the world if you both visit the cave and come out of it . You were born for a challenge  and you will have more than just crocodiles and herds to deal with. 
Childlike rebellion is normal and natural for children , but when adults don't grow out of that -- it's a real worry ; wars against everything don't go anywhere and show a lack of maturity in development  -Some cynicsm too is necessary,  but to know the price of everything and the value of nothing can just be the price of bulldozing your way through life. This rebellion is quite understandable in children but pathetic when it its accepted by parents as a right and the  right order stuff in households   ( ABC production " The Slap" talks to this position and its effect ) ; when it becomes the raison detre of ecomia ( compare the communion of reasonable boundaries -in the picture above --there is water , hill , samekind , different kind, and material boundaries  and feet to explore with  ) 
Unless you have a better idea,  I like Tolkiens idea that the deepest cave is the one we can make for ourselves--holes we dig for ourselves . How deep do we have to dig to stop ignoring the direction in which the light is coming from - if we don't truly admit our weak and reactionary position , our inherent weaknesses, vulnerability and those tried and tested ways offered to us for personal safety and security.   Get on with your life and choose the direction by studying the landcape and your company( esp your own mind)  carefully.