Sunday, October 16, 2011

With understanding comes hope

When things go well,  we often get too comfortable with our own rhetoric. That too is" our own personal support for our own rhetoric about how clever we are to be so rich" .  The question of what makes our communities rich is a increasing a question on very few persons lips.

 This reality means our perspective on what makes the economy work is quite suspect .Too comfortable on many fronts
My problem as an advisor to various governments over 30 years is that they are more at sea than ever over just how government's should interfere in matters of a private nature . They even worry too much about words like interfere . Caring leaders interfere carefully - its when they interfere carelessly that the support for public authorities is weakened - a role they will increasingly need to take up as communities suffer the extreme wealth contrasts of post modern economies .
While I have never lost my confidence in prevention science , many advisors have little connection with the paradox that both  of symbiosis and competition must work together to make economies productive . 
In wake of greed protests, I hope some public spirited organisations will more deeply consider research how market worship has many weakened political parties?