Monday, December 10, 2012

Resist hypocrisy

Young people have been good at recognizing hypocrisy in the previous generation.

I hope they continue to speak up on this because my generation is no different from previous - we have areas where we just PRETEND to be doing the right thing.  And we hate to admit its true -

One area I know this to be true because my wonderful work area no longer functions as a key cutting edge area, is in alleviating stress amongst eco-communities. The thing you should keep in mind if you are an observer ( not closely involved ) is that

  1.  -many who live with risk ignore the risk and therefore aren't able to lift themselves OUT of the situations.One reason why farmers round the world need informed friends like YOU 
  2. -the age old enemy of patronizing incompetence is increasing --not decreasing because less caring onsite people are out there .Less willing to stop and listen travellers on the Jericho Road  
  3. - we need scientists again to go on site and study biodiversity and ecosystem threats in conjunction with industry ( not acting outside of that relationship!) 
  4. - instead of tackling the hard jobs ( our job) we have wannabes solving the problems at a political level ( Something that is just quick fix , has popular appeal and gives the impression that they/ we are "doing something about it". 

Do something good ----study resilience science .The need is huge, the opportunity growing, the work rewarding.  Bless you as you strive to be your best!

Here is my original post to a discussion about the money we spend on specific areas of space research.The same could be said about the way we spend our money in Iraq and Afganistan, buy tanks and armaments of war , instead of armaments for peace - resilience capacity builders  I also posted yesterday on this dilemma as it affects Australian farmers in particular here .

Disturbs me deeply that we talk up spending billions to test whether life would survive outside our planet,  when we clearly ignore the lack of resilience amongst the poor in our own.
Point is---we can do something about this ( my work area) but we chose not to .
You see, we can't as a generation say we  care for animals and the earth if we don't care to share the earths enormous resources with each other- similiar mindset required to BE seriuosly effective here. Just remember too that soem careless talk is using false premise about scarcity ( it occurs and provides limits) to justify indifference to the real and proper challenges here.