Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Why don't we all stop caring?

After all as Hitler said who needs all this namby pamby motherhood stuff:  the stuff of  Christianity . not only are there tears and suffering,  but we are supposed to endure suffering
Lets be Teutons for a change;  Lets be harder and smarter
After all its a dog eat dog world isn't it .

Ecological Idealism is scary for the way it says its interested in the the eco ( the household and its welfare) and yet allows/encourages  individuals to just do what they like{ to fight for their right (eg dog eat dog ) .
If you listen to many post modernists they seem to be enjoying a new found freedom : they sound like people free to not care, If nature works without our care why the prayer?
 Does good eco order happen without us , or even while we do our own thing ?

Dostoevsky wasn't the first to note that with the death of God comes the end of moral courage .
Without faith in a God who wants good for all and created good for all, the world can be has been so much worse.

The new post modern ( nature does the work) logic on caring 
Yet the new logic is being put . Let me do what I want and if people or trees or rivers or other silent things need care,  I will be most caring - I will insist the government care for them . Not sure I would really pay up for that )
This talk of looking after the the weaker smaller and unspoken for element is fine,  but using the idea of the law and fights for rights shows how little these advocates  know about what really works to protect . They make caring too simple when it goes to the heart of the interdependence of God's creation and how it works. 
The new progressives are reacting not thinking ahead
They can easily become just  band aid and emergency services brigades attarcting the sort of staff who don't care about anything but money : discouraging by their careless talk of caring ( and love of procedure ) any staff who take time to really care , Time bookkeeping is breaking hearts . 
A lack of real care and high cost comes with institutionalizing it all - creates empires of dependency which is in long term unsustainable  Most importantly,  this simple talk ignores how ecological caring is a site seeding fine tuning operation that actually includes kicking birds out of nests to look after themselves: Quite sustainable , Does not require rules but requires on ground on site  Time well spent but not exactly on site  ontime specific  -- as a mere accountant would want.

The only reason the self proclaimed caring parties  ( like our present Greens)  can talk is because they ignore most of the caring parties who operate on ground and at their own cost and locally .
The only reason The caring parties  ( like our present Greens)  can talk is because they ignore the fact that their way of paying for the cost of caring is through taxes they might beexpected to be  reluctant to pay. ( esp if we went more their way )
These overly sentimental rebel simplifyers heretics of a more full blown caring civilization of the past are leading into a socity that just can't last.  They only imagine they are inventing and involving when leaving things out of the recipe leads to inedible bread. 
These progressive  westerners are at risk of expecting too much of governmnets. They would sedn us all broke.
The simple solution makers  ignore the high cost benefit of  most of the existing ( but now dwindling?) caring parties who operate on ground and at their own cost and locally.
Ignoring the mad progressives love of simple ways to solve others problems( without really solving them)  lets consider the complex OLD way we used to care ? Locally voluntarily with up close and wise  and at our own free choice

Up close and wise  where we are free to completely understand the local need and defend it .sustainable and effective and respecting the listening process 
Not the task funded by an accountant or a law which says who goes first for what reason 
.Unsustainable and ineffective and not respecting the listening process 

A better way to care for nature who has no voice
As a practical and effective ecologist and resilience planner I  wish for nothing more than that students of science were given State support to study eco communities as I was .
Good local effective care work relies on knwoing the local really well . The state would authorie itseflf to judge but really the state houls authorize the local inetrmedairy whose local to judge
This move to centralize power and policy at teh top is ultimately unproductive.

The role of protector     
Issues still to be dealt with

--- simple logic leads to crass stupidity Unborn life is work focused not valued. Whats living should be increasingly respected. It could the rational determinists recipe for less people less problems and he focus on me and teh present, How nice how simple

---the law is a ass and likely to screw the smaller element.
 ---The ass of the law is that it treats rights of individuals , not the community and its competeing elements . The elements of life are not like us - independent but mutually working together for big picture outcomes
---article points out law is not going to work Its as ass and a simple ass   
---Is modern morality  is about feelings - and my felleing the feelings of the moment . unborn babies can be assumed by some ,  to not feel
Practically we have a way and we cant think of a better way , Some insist that we follow their faith that new will cause better to evolve to even better .
I think it comes down to this , without a picture of an almighty creator or judge to intervene or a earthly protector ( so much reliant on taxes and less reliable  ) we can talk .....and people  just talk about whats better.
You can tell by the way we talk that we are made in the image of god - but why bother trying to be like God . Too hard 
Lord Protector - the unbelievers option 
The option for the unbelievers with a heart seems to be  a earthly protector but his job is relaint on corceion and taxation
what a joy for the free rebel in us , we do what we like The state will keep us inline
Will we be like children ?
Guilt 0the unnaed issue, we use up resoeuces , If we admit our sin we can make a start if we blame othesrs our guilt carries on

OUR CHOICE ? An internal dualism or an external dualism  
who is right then Luther ( Man has 2 natures inside ) and teh world which followed him and tested the idea or the new world order( Good is external and usually in governmnet )  which is already been sorely tested
what will it work in the future  : has worked ?
As an ecologsist and a christain ia accept the constraints of both nature and the Creator , That we dont really know how perfectly to hold our need for bread and land for where our roots are to grow .
I know with Mario Puzo that life is hard and we need to be well and coorectly focused on the nature of the problem  Salavotore Guiliano and many idealists B4 him thought  that land is what men wanted and needed 
Jesus knew that it was bread men needed
By following out own local caring demands locally i am sure there is bread to share , We are free form misplaced guilt to really care where we can .
The Christain remians the serant of all but in service has complete freedom   Quote Luthers the freedom of a Christian

Thursday, October 10, 2019

If you were Bill Gates, what would you do to change the world?

I love some of their projects ( like getting proper plumbing to people) but as a practical  ecologist , environmental risk assessor and student of human history,  I know there is much more needed than mere money and technology . Only integrated and inspirational can change the world for good .

To my mind , we have to,  like the job we have with ourselves and our families ( See Happy Valley on Stan) deal with the brokenness in  punchy personal and then other ways . Pick up the pieces and see how we can reform the good bits (as the Policewoman does in the above series )and not be overcome by cynicism - the bad and risky bits (that must be faced )

Take the grand paradox of democracy
. As Churchill reminds us NO SYSTEM ( technology . plan or instrument ) is perfect . Don't throw out the baby,  with the bathwater as many  do  That technological fix mentality IS more than  half the problem with the West  tas Jacques Ellul ,  Orwell and Huxley said. The popular progressive ( I question that tired old and immature idea as do many , like GK Chesterton)
I know , as we should all know, that that the Western tradition is not one of revolution (or this common simple faith projection of automatic progress) but one of reform.
I call all  people everywhere to making sure their democracy works and is not just a name or mathematical projection only  ( the voice of  ONE child can liberate your country just  one dictator or dictatorial party can kill it .)

 The popular vote can be all wrong !!! We must not just go through the emotions and expect wonder and miracles to come from " the majority "of the majority idea of the moment ,- thats a tecnological fix idea ( Take Hitlers and all modern tyrannies for example where public opinion was a driver )

In Australia , like it seems many other democracies  at the moment,  is a mess. A stalemate mess  run by minor voices of  a  party kind .  Well intentioned ( the greatest source of evil) on the surface , but no idea of practicalities on the inside . Emotion and sentiment over substance .

I am hoping young people  YES YOU    ( who have already demonstrated their care for animals and fair play ) will fix it and make it work again as our forefathers ( say in 1900's) intended . The idea is " About same reps in country and city .
NO COUNTRY  should be ruled by urban fringe elements  and dependant parts of its economy

The West is , at its best,  a reformation tradition;'one that is careful to sift the denial, guilt .obfuscation, denigration , projection , pride greed and self righteous building on so called "good intention" and mere sentiment ( the key driver of much stupidity? ) ;
n the new millennium in particular , the ignorance and arrogance of those who would presume to put their smart arse s on the line for a mere plan of their own making is truly frightening.  Good governance is not  just good business - that is one thing the left are right about,  when they too get it right . ,Those who focus  on how we can do cultural change with media messages and more laws are clearly risking greater tyranny .just as those who trust only in capitalism are ignoring their /our families and what makes them work .

Monday, July 16, 2018

God is able to do more than you ask, think or know about

Those of you who don't EVEN believe God does anything, might like to hang in there for  a bit  .

After all , many of the most harrowing stories in the Bible come from people who get heaps simplying for believing and trusting ----let alone doing it  really tough, ( Job Jeremiah ,Jesus )

To explore that more deeply now is not my purpose here

- My purpose here is to remind us all of a few facts about  how we have been redeemed from evil in the recent past ( like the evils of WW 2 , the Russian and Chinese revolutions etc )
--and BY non theologically or politically incorrect people .

Lets be honest --if God relied on the believers to restore  order in the world , he would never get very far .Romans 13 reminds us of the  same and the way in which he sometimes works .

Whatever mistakes are being made by those in the media who now name the corruption of the State and some of its institutions -
( like  the current batch of news presenters and  commentators  on  Sky channel)
I thank God those people are being used to awaken people to the corruption and evil that has been occurring for decades in the name of  the best intention.

All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing .

If you want to be influential in the next election  Bookmark and Contribute to     (Australia only)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Poverty stress and war reduction

YES Its possible to change the world ---if you have a vision of how it can be done .Take the worlds outside our own just to gain a more objective view of the good and bad parts of our civilisation.

My generation observed many millions of very poor people in India but failed to really UNDERSTAND that there were also many of the richest people there as well.

Most importantly, we failed to recognize that there was something in the way they thought- *their worldview" which limited them to no change/ resistance to change .

We need to be firm , but more importantly to know what we are trying to do - esp when trying to influence outsiders . Like members of our own family we can't always influence them to change - so AID is our only choice . Carefully considered aid and training scholarships ( where students come here and go back) are needed.

We first need to understand all the areas where we were once great in our thinking . All the areas wher dumb sht still reigns Where we are still weak in will and understanding 
Trump clearly,  as a benefactor of the worst kind of economic ripoff culture, is no model

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Monday, April 04, 2016

Avoiding cynicism

Are you torn between optimism and pessimism about the world ?...and particularly the people in it ?. You are not alone .GK Chesterton in writing about one of the world's most joyful and effective people creators in fiction said this about  Dickens;
" The world can be made beautiful again by beholding it as a battlefield"
the only antidote he and we note to false optimism and joyless approval of ALL  is "a sudden and pugnacious belief in positive evil" .
Dickens didn't put evil in his characters because he wanted to create character but because  evil in character is a real and present danger .   There are reasons to fear - know them better \

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Let your yay be yay and your nah be nah

RE Booing at sporting events

What a laugh . all this fuss about booing at sporting events . These last few weeks have seen the religious left ( eg Jane Caro on ABCTV ) pontificating about how one should behave in the auditorium .
"One mustn't boo" was the conclusion after many could not conclude their sessions with the Sanhedrin over what is sinful in the new age. Unfortunately the new age has been ignoring the question of sin long enough for it to come back and bite them big time

Fortunately for some of us,  sin is just normal and its best to limit your attention to your own , or you might just spend your whole life worrying about others instances .

Booing can be  quite OK - telling someone what you think about their behaviour is what good friends do. Honest face forward confrontation is not only not condemned in scripture - its advocated from the Creator in the garden and fig leaves upwards. Nah is a boo just as Yey is a hurray !
In a booing crowd,  you simply can't always tell whether a comment is racist or deeply hurtful to someone . Should we all stop booing so there is no confusion about whose sinning ? No - we would never enjoy the idea of game playing -most people are not hurt by words used in a game. Players shake hands at the end to assert that .  
We feel for Adam Goodes and anyone who "gets it all the time" because some of it is probably racist and deeply personal and  hurtful  . People hide behind words; so what can we do about it when we still believe in primacy of free speech . Same with people who feel ostracised because of their unusual choices,  looks or gifts - its hard .  Speak back , questioning and points of order are all good options to counter .  "Tough it out "is good advice for all of us when it happens to us. you are not the one!

The reality is its easy to go beyond just telling someone what you think of their behaviour ( to their face  - which is not a sin ) particularly when you are angy .
Anger is not a sin.  this is News to some in the new age which just shows how much splashing in  backwater some progressives get to  - " Be angry but don't sin " puts the two subjects in context .( Ephesians )
The sin is when words are cutting words and involve physical and verbal violence ( both considered as prosecutable and serious matters in our code.

So,  some booing is Ok and some is not . "No I disagree " they say in parliament each day ---nay . I even said "yay" in Parliament last week even though sign says "silence in the gallery" .  I said "yey" when Gavin Jennings said the churches  do a very job in welfare when another member asked "if they pay their  share of taxes" .

If we aren't allowed to play games or respond to what we see and hear ,we don't learn to test limits and grow up .
Maybe we can't all shake hands at the end of the game, ( great symbol)  but at least we can and mostly do go back to talking like grownups after the game.  see you there ---noise anger and all !

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Giving us enough space - to enjoy ourselves in

The old territorial imperative is a real and necessary one .   So how do we manage it ?  WW2 shows how  easily it can get out of control .
The need for land was seen in the 20th century as an imperative for wealth - which it is NOT , Hopefully in the 21st then , it will be seen more as a potential poverty trap idea that is not only,  not good for the earth  or for people who try to use it as a way out of poverty.

The following is a response to a key dilmemma  to personal and corporate sustainability .  Do we need to avoid poverty by sharing more of our resources  OR  is the question - how do we encourage the use of space so we don't witness Collapse?

Jesus came to bring good news to the poor - not land and not riches . The societies that followed his lead have beecome soem of the most egalitartian and welath sharing communities ever . Does his key message  mean he didn't care about poverty ? Maybe he wasn't as preoccupied as we are with equality ; I think its fair to say he would have accepted that simple ambitions to establish  equality were often both unnatural , unnecessary and unachievable. We were created equal in some ways but different unique and diverse  to occupy different sized spaces ----that suit us as individuals.. He said there will always be the " poor with us "Commonwealths share but never fully focus on complete equality in income .
The reactionary 20th century West has been focused on  justifying the quest to create equality and its a false and unsustainable target .

Back to the primary need for "the good news" above equality.  Hope is more important than anything - resilience driven hope; Individual's sense of hope  for an  individuals given sense of space . So who should provide that hope in a concrete and sound way to them and their poor communities ? - -thats the question !
I don't suggest that being poor is always right and that the stats presented about the drift in income over the last 50 years should not disturb us
 Whats important is HOW we act for others to make societies share more and have more genuine hope. The stats tell my generation that their caring ( and trickle down, non planning , do what you feel like culture) has been ineffective and that we MUST find a better way . This could mean we stop  experimenting with the latest method of quick fix and look at resilience building in communities - ways we did things BEFORE ( don't all gasp you automatic progress worshipers )
One of the reasons our generation has been so ineffective in bringing hope in poor communities is that it  focuses too much on simple accounting stats ( blinkered views of economy as all or nothing competition policy - for example) - overly simple concepts of equality about cash can easily prevent us from seeing the hope and beauty of diversity say in shared capital assets --in paradoxes you may only see in having "the poor with us " . Poor people can choose to live in poverty because they love being on the land.
Take all the money ,opportunity and incentive drained off productivity in Australia TODAY by those seeking to make us "more equal ". Ways that work for the good of the community can see scarcity as no big deal ( God will provide ) and provide genuine hope and healing for the poor . Rural people seldom get paid properly for their produce so they are condemned to " poverty" - is that wrong ? Should we not differ in our approach when working with the poor esp as I said above in the resilience limited machine  of earth use --- a special case where collapse ( jared diamond ) is possible on the edges and hope is impossible if you don't turn around and go back
 I ask that we follow not the latest trends in development theory but hold  fast ---we follow Christ in bringing healing before  we try to bring economic development -the objective  authorship of the resilience agent should be the job of someone like a doctor - a trained gift . . Rural Resilience evaluation is my profession and its a rule there to not to interfere ( trying to create more equality ) without seeing the whole picture .
I may disagree with some in not rejecting poverty outright but I agree with any who say  ALL OF US could/ should focus much more clearly in rescuing and talking repentance on the edges of potential economic collapse . I hate the way competition policy dominates economic theory but to undermine it takes a thorough big picture recognition of the limited role it has within the cocoon.

Many of the farmers I work with here in Australia live destitute lives than those overseas because their communities don't really care to effectively support them. How many Filipino farmers commit suicide on the basis that no one understands them ?

My/Our generation,  as the presentation "the rules" shows so well has FAILED to do anything to stop the slide and therefore  we need to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. The question for those who want to support better and more secure development  is:  is it by reinventing the wheel or seeing what we did right to keep our societies more equal in the past ?( the story behind the story ) ; Any review should not be at the mercy of more quick fixers  but insist on FIRST THINGS FIRST -   truly understand the intransigence factors and diversity factors in poor rural communities . DISCOVER the complexity of those who understand what it is to be rich and poor in the one space .