Monday, November 13, 2006

G20 If small is beautiful, what ever happened to G7

Some questions for those meeting in Melbourne at the G20 this week ? Where do the small and powerful fit in when the big players seek to become even more influential with each other.
Perhaps , in getting together as big players they should'nt pretend they can easily deal with the problems of the small players ? The externalities of poverty and patronige driving people to war?
What for example, is the real focus of the keynote issue, aid or poverty alleviation; patronige or political power: aid or trade . The need for unity of purpose must not cloud out need for accepting the diversity of economic assemblages .

Will this G20 be the first to suggest that economic stability should be seen as more like symbiosis amongst ecosystems rather than a facilitation factory with finely tuned settings ?
Economic prosperity and profit gives power , yet the rural poor around the world are , on the criteria of profit and prosperity, powerless.( they get taxation concessions, even in Australia)
That sort of puts them in a industrial economic band all their own = a sort of G777
.Lets hope the discussion around the edges is robust and far reaching on the subject of eco diversity because , for far too often the industry of agriculture is subject to lumping in with all other industries--- when it is clearly a special case requiring ecological as well as economic considerations .


Wasn't he "oh so good" on Denton's Enough Rope. How do we translate all that ambition for sound change in Africa and the Middle East to action ? One way I think is is to study the environment For those whom science is too much , how about you encourage governments ( by voting for someone who says so ) to ensure
--"the Right" don't keep turning agriculture into a clone of all industry ( where concrete and steel demolition don't matter)