Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let being the best you can be --be your ambition and your reward

Waiting around for people to encourage you can be real downer -nobody seems to be there when you really need them.  Read this
Worse, it seems  -we all have our weak points and kids at school or people who feel threatened by you , can hang it on you , bringing you down .; often deep cuts are attempted .Parents can seem like that even . (You might have guessed by now that I believe that nothing is "as it seems" on the surface and if you go there get that you''l go places - great.

Worse ,it seems , when you really want some human face to tell you where to go and what to do - what you are likely to get in return is the very  opposite of what you need or is just plain shallow and superficial  .
Being alone with your own problems is a threat --but its also an opportunity .As teenagers its especially hard because you are learning to be yourself - not a clone of your parents - the process of finding out what you really think is a good thing,  but a very lonely thing ; I am thinking of you at this very moment as i write this ( not that it might be all that much help to you)
Worse , it seems, even the advice you get from others may not help . It doesn't matter whether its the Bible , The Quaran of the Shrink , you are not meant to be told - you are created to find out for yourself . Scary isn't it ,

Worse , it seems,  you don't look normal . If its a help, remember that that condition, at least,  is not your problem . But let's be clear here . Everyone else has got the same problem as you,( if its really a problem)  so-- is it a real problem or just one your mind and your friends keep sharing with you? . What we get is what we get but  what we make of whats unique about us  makes us really successful and unique. Glass half full is what we can really enjoy cause its our glass. Glass half empty is only  for the never satisfied .
Some girls have stunning faces but short fat  legs .Blondes may have more fun but some are quiet and make sense not noise when they talk . Some  bullies are strong in body but not strong in mind .  You might have a big nose  but be the funniest and friendliest person on earth( I won't name that famous person ) So forget what others worry about - move on and be yourself and learn to accept who you really are- including your unique gifts ( tick the bold words above)  ---make a list of your very own

Once we accept that we  aren't perfect and we need to be forgiven daily its not so hard to go forward .
The trouble is you don't know just where to go and few they be that can help you ( esp when you are young)  .The point is you don't know what you gonna be and neither frankly does anyone else . The great thing is that great things are YOUR choice - what you are in 30years will be partly who you listen to who you care about, who you admire .The freedom we find when we are teenagers is scary.  
Learning to know what you believe in is helpped by doing stuff - esp for others . The trouble will be nothing happens instantly because soem things the TV says you will get you never do or you get something that makes you look cheap too .
Worse news if trying to do what you think you should do ,others may try to pull you back ( to the pack thats often going nowhere ) --  things often get HARDER not easier . You need impossible help stuff to keep going .
Go find the truth about what really works to the best out of life  ,  I say. Get others to be honest with you and be honest with yourself and with God - that way you can see yourself for who you really are ( the first hurdle many never jump) and those bad impressions people get for what they are ( just impressions ) - For you a failure is learning , just an opportunities  to grow  - be better ( not just a clone of the classroom clown whose dragging the place down )

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Great book
Don't Peak at High School: From Bullied to A-List, published by Affirm Press, will be released on July 18.

Wendy Harmer, comedian, author and presenter

Born with a severe bilateral palate and lip, teased
at school as "Eagle Beak": "My father never gave
me an inch, never let me feel sorry for myself. It
instilled a level of stoicism that I don't have for
my own children. If I found out my kids were being
called names, I bet I'd be hauling off to the school
and standing at the gate with a baseball bat."
If you are still searching for info about whats best for you - I can't tell you , but I know a way;  a partnership arrangement that works  .
If you think  I haven't helped much . Let me repeat this ; to be the best you can be doesn't require me to tell you,( or any book ) but you to tell you . You were made that way ( Latin truth is Imago Dei) . With all that power to do well and chose well, go well my friend . 

Be the individual unique person God created you to be . Logically it means our individual walks are often lonely and hard. Don't be tied down to some soup of conformity and predjudice that stops you grabbing the hard edge of the mosh pit  -beyond which is your potential unique success from growing and developing in your own way . You have to get away from all the noise to do this and practice getting it right  ; Think of anyone who is successful!  Ask me some questions if you like . 

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