Saturday, October 16, 2004

Labor has lost its way!

Let me suggest if Mark Latham knew where the high moral ground was and went for it he may have a had a chance at the recent federal election .The point is he didn't know what to aim for .
Sorry- but its pretty obvoius -the high moral ground mate !

You are what you believe Mark If you are silly enough to say there is no morality Mark, then there is no high moral ground and you can spend a whole campaign wandering around and missing all the high spots - what is evident to many young people( and the greens )in this country about the reactionary left - They don't stand for anything, so they will fall for everything - weak and woosy .As the real balnacing force in politics they don't need to be weak on greed - just better targeted .

The reality is that the left is suffering from its own tired old inadequate doctrine and practice on radical politics. The left needs to ditch reactionary politics and noise makers and go back to some deeper roots .

Would Labor have won if it stuck to a consistent worldview on morality . What do young people think of Mr Latham - tell us .

Get beyond the reactionary politics of the left and the crippling disease of cynicsm and "no talk" in the media and public life