Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Getting AID and SUSTAINABILITY right

Nothing needs more attention by the next generation of ALL  students than the shallow wishy washy politics of aid and support for the rural poor .  Economic development isn't just about prices - its also about the value of things . Some of this misplaced concreteness is just simply ignorance of extremely complex economic and ecological issues and a quick fix attitude to things like war and drug supply.   Sure we've moved on ( hate that phrase really) from the simple days when handouts to disasters was the only form of aid by governments.
Plenty of positives TOO  in complex effective support for sustainability methods too over many generations with the  missions and their multiple focus which helped to educate the young people so they and their parents can physically and mentally help themselves.
But a huge problem is still with us at home - in our attitude to support competent environmental advice .We don't currently support it . It may seem to you that real support is happening but I can tell you key practical  professional resilience work by our oldest conservation agencies has been decimated. Some of this decimation has been in ignorance , but a lot of it is due to ham fisted arrogance and interference in professional matters by politicians .The Fabians and lefties themselves have forgotten their old mentor G B Shaw  who in writing a book on the subject recognised the huge danger from the evil that can origin itself from good intentions only.
Educated agricultural scientists too STILL get dragged in UNsustainable directions.   Our cultures attitude to agriculture as an industry is far too production  orientated  and DPI agencies across the nation are now decades behind in supporting sound sustainability research in many areas. We even export unsustainability because our approach to technology reflects secondary imperatives rather than primary industry ones.     I know this because my profession of applied resilience research has been decimated even in Australia  by patronising and misdirected concerteness in the area of sustainability .Quick fix by the Green parties too has not been  helpful .
Be green , but ONLY LISTEN to professional independents who study before opening their mouths on the subject.  Otherwise ignorance and speculation may be your master.
Unless the 1% of us who work with the 1% (of our countries rural) , 98% of Australians are prone to getting rural support half wrong . The greens movements too will just have a legacy of straw moves unless they support mainstream science and parliament on matters of conservation . ( the job is simply too hard for pollies but they do try  ) If you have any questions please put them here  ( NSW farmers just got their crops downgraded from profitable to broke threatening them in Dec 2011) You can learn more about a resilience career  here .

Footnote AUSTRALIA 2012
Canberra was never fully in touch ( even in 1980) with the professional edge of rural resilience support but ,  in 2011 it is completely lost,  because the profession is lost . No quick fix NOW by the Feds would be welcome as even the regional support mechanisms  for rural areas in our own Country are on the nose around the country ( we have people who run our hospitals and councils and care centres who leave the area at weekends )  Common patraonising responses to disasters also doesn't help us either because we live with drought and floods .
What we can't live with is more quickfix political nonsense to solve OUR problems, more quickfix about free trade and ignorant   directions on ecological imperatives from half educated city ites. Is anyone really listening ? Hope you are-- that would be great . Let us know U are and all the best with your career.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

With understanding comes hope

When things go well,  we often get too comfortable with our own rhetoric. That too is" our own personal support for our own rhetoric about how clever we are to be so rich" .  The question of what makes our communities rich is a increasing a question on very few persons lips.

 This reality means our perspective on what makes the economy work is quite suspect .Too comfortable on many fronts
My problem as an advisor to various governments over 30 years is that they are more at sea than ever over just how government's should interfere in matters of a private nature . They even worry too much about words like interfere . Caring leaders interfere carefully - its when they interfere carelessly that the support for public authorities is weakened - a role they will increasingly need to take up as communities suffer the extreme wealth contrasts of post modern economies .
While I have never lost my confidence in prevention science , many advisors have little connection with the paradox that both  of symbiosis and competition must work together to make economies productive . 
In wake of greed protests, I hope some public spirited organisations will more deeply consider research how market worship has many weakened political parties?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We all have a lot to learn - especially about how to live with limits

Patrick Moore has learnt a lot about what really is important by being heavily involved with environmental pressure groups like Greenpeace . What I like about this work is that it is based in experience (and study) and provides a stable hope and opportunity for young people to study and work on ways of improving the earth that actually work .http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Patrick-Moore/191749637503866

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let being the best you can be --be your ambition and your reward

Waiting around for people to encourage you can be real downer -nobody seems to be there when you really need them.  Read this
Worse, it seems  -we all have our weak points and kids at school or people who feel threatened by you , can hang it on you , bringing you down .; often deep cuts are attempted .Parents can seem like that even . (You might have guessed by now that I believe that nothing is "as it seems" on the surface and if you go there get that you''l go places - great.

Worse ,it seems , when you really want some human face to tell you where to go and what to do - what you are likely to get in return is the very  opposite of what you need or is just plain shallow and superficial  .
Being alone with your own problems is a threat --but its also an opportunity .As teenagers its especially hard because you are learning to be yourself - not a clone of your parents - the process of finding out what you really think is a good thing,  but a very lonely thing ; I am thinking of you at this very moment as i write this ( not that it might be all that much help to you)
Worse , it seems, even the advice you get from others may not help . It doesn't matter whether its the Bible , The Quaran of the Shrink , you are not meant to be told - you are created to find out for yourself . Scary isn't it ,

Worse , it seems,  you don't look normal . If its a help, remember that that condition, at least,  is not your problem . But let's be clear here . Everyone else has got the same problem as you,( if its really a problem)  so-- is it a real problem or just one your mind and your friends keep sharing with you? . What we get is what we get but  what we make of whats unique about us  makes us really successful and unique. Glass half full is what we can really enjoy cause its our glass. Glass half empty is only  for the never satisfied .
Some girls have stunning faces but short fat  legs .Blondes may have more fun but some are quiet and make sense not noise when they talk . Some  bullies are strong in body but not strong in mind .  You might have a big nose  but be the funniest and friendliest person on earth( I won't name that famous person ) So forget what others worry about - move on and be yourself and learn to accept who you really are- including your unique gifts ( tick the bold words above)  ---make a list of your very own

Once we accept that we  aren't perfect and we need to be forgiven daily its not so hard to go forward .
The trouble is you don't know just where to go and few they be that can help you ( esp when you are young)  .The point is you don't know what you gonna be and neither frankly does anyone else . The great thing is that great things are YOUR choice - what you are in 30years will be partly who you listen to who you care about, who you admire .The freedom we find when we are teenagers is scary.  
Learning to know what you believe in is helpped by doing stuff - esp for others . The trouble will be nothing happens instantly because soem things the TV says you will get you never do or you get something that makes you look cheap too .
Worse news if trying to do what you think you should do ,others may try to pull you back ( to the pack thats often going nowhere ) --  things often get HARDER not easier . You need impossible help stuff to keep going .
Go find the truth about what really works to the best out of life  ,  I say. Get others to be honest with you and be honest with yourself and with God - that way you can see yourself for who you really are ( the first hurdle many never jump) and those bad impressions people get for what they are ( just impressions ) - For you a failure is learning , just an opportunities  to grow  - be better ( not just a clone of the classroom clown whose dragging the place down )

More  here  
Great book
Don't Peak at High School: From Bullied to A-List, published by Affirm Press, will be released on July 18.

Wendy Harmer, comedian, author and presenter

Born with a severe bilateral palate and lip, teased
at school as "Eagle Beak": "My father never gave
me an inch, never let me feel sorry for myself. It
instilled a level of stoicism that I don't have for
my own children. If I found out my kids were being
called names, I bet I'd be hauling off to the school
and standing at the gate with a baseball bat."
If you are still searching for info about whats best for you - I can't tell you , but I know a way;  a partnership arrangement that works  .
If you think  I haven't helped much . Let me repeat this ; to be the best you can be doesn't require me to tell you,( or any book ) but you to tell you . You were made that way ( Latin truth is Imago Dei) . With all that power to do well and chose well, go well my friend . 

Be the individual unique person God created you to be . Logically it means our individual walks are often lonely and hard. Don't be tied down to some soup of conformity and predjudice that stops you grabbing the hard edge of the mosh pit  -beyond which is your potential unique success from growing and developing in your own way . You have to get away from all the noise to do this and practice getting it right  ; Think of anyone who is successful!  Ask me some questions if you like . 

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/national/beating-the-bullies-from-butt-of-joke-to-last-laugh-20110618-1g9b9.html#ixzz1Px5y7yr1

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Building resilience rather than just reaping resources

People who work with the poor in oil rich countries (that don't know their own poverty often ) need a lot of support
Nothing is more upsetting for someone like myself who is steeped in dealing with the poverty traps in rural cultures ( insisting on resilience approaches) than to see those poor communities  take quick fixes. They risk letting their countries fall victim to WAR .
 Libyans like many in Africa aren't alone in having a challenge to live off the land,  but they are all the poorer for believing the  simplicities of the moment - that removal of strong leadership will solve their problems and that guns rather than grassland policy is the key to a sustainable future. All Africa and Asia need a dose of grassland therapy - what basic things make their culture stable and able to grow.
American and media policy that carelessly names the catharsis answer as" parliament " is the same simple  stupidity . imperial ignorance and mistargeting that prevents America selling its foreign policy in poor countries everywhere ( incl iraq and karsakstan?)  When is Australia going to be a leader of the pack of the poverty breaking advisors 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Read stuff about real people

The new film "The Kings Speech " which is about the kings stutter , will no doubt go into history, like the King himself, and many who led us through WW2, as examples of people who were used in-spite and in great contrast to their limitations. Who would have thought soemone would ever .ever make an inspirational film about BB Bertie !
Get inspired because this man and this women , the Chamberlains and the Churchils were only men and women just like us .
Not perfect but with great possibilities . Prone to think we know when we don't . Prone to not listen but laugh at the dangers of pride and prejudice. Arrogantly self confident or arrogantly down on ourselves.
Take the observers view of your life as your own . Don't be limited by what you or others think you can or can't do. Do right, live right , recognise your own limitations and sins and have faith in He who can make all the mess still work for good. Testimonies and discoverers in this area are everywhere ----look for yourself.