Monday, January 31, 2011

Read stuff about real people

The new film "The Kings Speech " which is about the kings stutter , will no doubt go into history, like the King himself, and many who led us through WW2, as examples of people who were used in-spite and in great contrast to their limitations. Who would have thought soemone would ever .ever make an inspirational film about BB Bertie !
Get inspired because this man and this women , the Chamberlains and the Churchils were only men and women just like us .
Not perfect but with great possibilities . Prone to think we know when we don't . Prone to not listen but laugh at the dangers of pride and prejudice. Arrogantly self confident or arrogantly down on ourselves.
Take the observers view of your life as your own . Don't be limited by what you or others think you can or can't do. Do right, live right , recognise your own limitations and sins and have faith in He who can make all the mess still work for good. Testimonies and discoverers in this area are everywhere ----look for yourself.

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journeymanj said...

We've just watched BBC series "Queen Mother: in 2 segments. You can't argue with the testimony of those who knew her and the influence they both had.