Monday, July 16, 2018

God is able to do more than you ask, think or know about

Those of you who don't EVEN believe God does anything, might like to hang in there for  a bit  .

After all , many of the most harrowing stories in the Bible come from people who get heaps simplying for believing and trusting ----let alone doing it  really tough, ( Job Jeremiah ,Jesus )

To explore that more deeply now is not my purpose here

- My purpose here is to remind us all of a few facts about  how we have been redeemed from evil in the recent past ( like the evils of WW 2 , the Russian and Chinese revolutions etc )
--and BY non theologically or politically incorrect people .

Lets be honest --if God relied on the believers to restore  order in the world , he would never get very far .Romans 13 reminds us of the  same and the way in which he sometimes works .

Whatever mistakes are being made by those in the media who now name the corruption of the State and some of its institutions -
( like  the current batch of news presenters and  commentators  on  Sky channel)
I thank God those people are being used to awaken people to the corruption and evil that has been occurring for decades in the name of  the best intention.

All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing .

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