Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Live life to the max

Live life to the max With your mind heart and soul wide open .( In honor of Hannah)

"There are only 2 ways to live " so said Albert Einstein .One is though nothing is a miracle. The other is though everything is a miracle"

This weeks panic over the LHC reminds me of the way so many get confused between what we know and what we don't . What we should fear and what we shouldn't .
Physicists aren't worried. They know that they are building on the relativity work of Einstein and while they don't know very much, they know enough to think - what an amazing , predictable ( in parts) and mysteriuos creation we live in .

Where does the fear come from? Jung said it well The evil is in man himself .
Don't be confused - find out what the fear is and face it . .
Think about how England survived WW2 . Watch
CHURCHILLS WAR or THE BATTLE OF BRITIAN available on PAYLESS and reflect on what was said and what miracles happened and could have happened - you may need to read some of what was written by people such as Bonhoeffer and Chesterton as well ?