Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Need a job?

Tell the truth. as John Hartigan ( Head of News Limited ) said on ABCTV sunday night - it is one of the best jobs "being a journo".
You can practice now, wherever you are and whatever your circumstances. Get good at it and you will be surprised at what doors it can open for you ( Job 38:10)
Did you see Tom Browns school days( also on ABCTV)- another great example where Hughes tells the truth about what really can go on in the hearts and minds of men - and it changes the world bring out the phycologists? (the old wise guard of fearfilled fools "in charge" of the school? --------or just act alone and with conviction !

Friday, April 27, 2007

Explore- stand back and learn

One of the best ways to get some perpective on your life is to watch others . While he's by no means a role model, Mr Bean's behavior in his latest movie is outstanding and therefore . may i suggest, highly educational and really funny .
MR BEAN ON HOLIDAYS says soemthing profound about our shared temptations and trials . Go see it !

Monday, April 16, 2007

Find something good in whats OLD

All of us , when we were teenagers, questioned the wisdom of our parents .Just as well we test them , because its not helpful to assume they are always right .However teenagers, for all their confidence do not know very much - they just think they do . None of never get everything right, so should dad be allowed to decide ?
As you get older, find some older people whom you respect and can get to know, so you can avoid the PITS- or get out of em .
EG One is the temptation to go for NEW quick fix fads rather than building on OLD science .The short way vs the long way. Many of us KNOW , if we are to be effective in our lifetime, we have to build on the old . While it may not make sense for a start , when you are offered work becuase you do it well the first time you'll better understand the way to prosper. see http://slowfix.blogspot.com

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Meet someone NEW

Are YOU battling to live with OTHERS unfair or imposed expectations? Battling family expectations—Beatrix's parents haven't the slightest idea why the shy girl keeps frittering about with her drawings and won't just settle into a proper marriage, but ... you should meet her

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The good that I would

I don't do .It's true ! Its not so bad to admit this because its true for each and every one of us - most days .But don't be surprised if you don't hear much talk about it publicly ( tis not something one does, especially because we keep doing it ) We are incomplete and broken persons needing help and asking for help is never easy for any of us ) .Sorry is not a bad word but a very necessary word .
Why worry then?
To not admit to this reality means you can say one thing and yet do another without realising it.You can project your guilt onto others, bringing us all down instead of resolving together to face reality and "get over it" . The truth can set you free from the blame game .