Monday, April 16, 2007

Find something good in whats OLD

All of us , when we were teenagers, questioned the wisdom of our parents .Just as well we test them , because its not helpful to assume they are always right .However teenagers, for all their confidence do not know very much - they just think they do . None of never get everything right, so should dad be allowed to decide ?
As you get older, find some older people whom you respect and can get to know, so you can avoid the PITS- or get out of em .
EG One is the temptation to go for NEW quick fix fads rather than building on OLD science .The short way vs the long way. Many of us KNOW , if we are to be effective in our lifetime, we have to build on the old . While it may not make sense for a start , when you are offered work becuase you do it well the first time you'll better understand the way to prosper. see

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