Monday, April 08, 2013

Being a strong leader or person

There were many things to appreciate about the first woman Prime Minister of England,  Margaret Thatcher ; her humility , her desire to bring the basics back to economic management .  her passion to do what's right .Her desire to follow through; She was a giant in a world full of wimps

For many of us while personal strength is important , the strength of partnerships is more important . We are built to build households ecos To work together .
The traditional view is that when women have to lead in the house , the men are not leading enough . This is, not that we don't need strong women ; but the best partnership is when we have strong men and women together . Emotion is important but we need reason to build with it .
The danger then with passion alone then  is that unless you really do know what to change,  you may do more damage to our society and democracy than you realize   You may even, by bad targeting kill the wrong things,  and leave the disease to grow .
People can even exploit your passion to get you to do things they want but you to do. If you are wise , you will ask around and take time to think about it.Whether you area a man or a woman you can benefit from the objective friendship of another .
Both Thatcher and Kennett tried to reign in the bureau ,
but its bigger than ever ( esp if you look at the fund manager bureaucracy )

Myself  and Anthony Jay worked in the bureau - we tried to help the ignorant on both sides make better public good decisions,  but they and their angel like followers decided that business knows best - it clearly doesn't know as much as we would like,  and its not broad --so western democracies are up the creek without a paddle;They ignore the basics on the ground (picture of the tiles in Victorian House of Parliament)
The best advice I could give is no more than is written there .


journeymanj said...

Women on Qanda last night did little to recognise where the feminist movement had or hadn't taken them . They did not clearly resist the earlier emphasis that women want to have what men have. What's wrong with most women who want more - a man to work with; A man to create a ecomia a household , an economy.So they have got what men want - is it enough ?

Johnniem said...

Joan Collins was well interviewed by Tony Delroy yesterday on ABC , A thoughtful woman asked why so many strong women were still single . Part of the answer is in their perspective ( they seek freedom in isolation) and that is true too of Collins and her interesting portraits, You may consider yourself " Lucky" (one of her and her audience favourite images ) but much much better to consider yourself blessed to be a blessing . You may consider yourself "Lucky " to be free to do what you like, but you are better to find the best kind of freedom in working closely with others esp someone who can be an honest and different work mate ; who won't just let you be the victim of all your incomplete ideas .