Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting the best of anger

 In this generation Anger has almost become a sin (Sorry we are not allowed to talk about that - by some , but I am NOT one of those ) .
Previous generations dealt with anger with responses like " Be Angry , but Sin not " ( et al) .   Now that we are not allowed to talk about "sin"  either so perhaps the 2 taboos are related ?  I clearly think so but I am in a minority( Public mood is quickfix,  patchup the  presenting problems) .
Any thinking person in an objective mood recognises that to not talk openly and widely about your problems is not good for your mental health ( see some previous posts on this blog on the subject) .
There are lots of books about how to deal with anger  but it seems to me that a lot of the talk is highly reactionary ( doesn't really cut to the heart of why we are here ) 
To be objective about anger is almost impossible for any of us . 
It seems to me impossible for our individual dogmatics( cf reflections and testimonies which have been good) on the subject of anger and fear to be clearly helpful /cathartic to others .Not only are we not objective about our anger and whether/when it breaks "the sin barrier "but our parents are implicated in teaching us things that may or may not be helpful . Clearly if there was ever something a close friend can help you with, its on the issue of " how am i going here " . Therefore too, a strong case for going to a good experienced counsellor to get some perspective.
Dr Les Carter I can highly recommend ( Making the Best of your Anger) and if you want some group therapy our favourite is The Cosby Show.( its brilliant and funny to boot) Its a bit dated,and  clearly R rated for some post modern reactionaries  who would rather waste their capital resources on the latest book . 

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