Monday, December 05, 2005

Young and Bored? My suggestion . Read or watch something great . Like Pride and Predjudice Why you say? - because whatever you do with your life, you wan't to make the most of it .Y or N ? You don't need lots of money or fame to do that - you come from a family and you want that to work for you as you get older too -eh? . Its your top priority?!
That means,amongst other things, avoiding mistakes other make . You are not that dumb you reckon ? Sorry to have to say this but going on averages , maybe you are living on pride and predjudice
Take this one for eaxmple . Your parents are dumb and don't know much This story talks about teenagers dealing with this reality and growing to love both them and others-click below to find out more.

There is so much rubbish around . Avoid it and bookmark http://worthwatching.

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