Wednesday, January 26, 2022

If you can't really change the world - should you even try ?

 If you can't  really change the world  eg "save the planet" - should you even try ?

The answer is Yes absolutely .
Did you get that ?- Yes absolutely 

So why shouldn't we all join  WWFN and Green alliances to save the planet ? No  certainly not just yet --see suggestion at the end 


Those who spend their surplus energy on campaigns to influence both perception and action by governments need to take stock of how sustainable changes in society and resource use actually happens . You can't force people to be good or spend all our taxes on incentives , but as Australian of the year Dylan Alcott  says, we can influence perception and therefore set a vision for better action by seeing opportunities, many of which , in politics  and the popular political mind are simply not seen before they happen . 

The most effective way is the issue ....   and not one that's well perceived at the moment
The most effective way is for you and I to do  what we can,  where we can , That's infact the history of the West at its best .Study and show yourself effective . The best kind of STEM career  Study Teaches Effective Method . 

Some background 
When God created the world it was a mess  and when he let man do his own thing it got even worse.  So those who think they can save the planet ought to study the Creator ( We only need to read the first 3 chapters of Genesis to get the gist of it ) It goes from there .
The question for you the reader is ---You wannabe the overreach agent and waste your energy? You wanna play God when even God calls the situation almost hopeless . Read the Hebrew words used to describe God's caring actions before you dismiss its way of responding to crisis.

The key point is God didn't give up on trying to fix things and neither should we . 
 Sometimes it seems that things only go from bad to worse, we all get discouraged and from time to time at least think it must be easier just to think of ourselves. Plenty do 

Again there is that choice - can we if we can't perceive a way forward how will we suatin our energy  fo change when getting there is much harder than we think.   

The thing is Dylan Alcott is right - its about perception  .  

So you still want to risk ineffectiveness ,waste despair and final cynicism? ( You will Still  need a view of man that doesn't inevitably lead to  that !) 

The mistake many post Christians make is they think that perception van be translated to [popular  political action, 
This myth and heresy  this takes some thinking through  but if we were to stand at 2050 ( just as we might have in 1946) and look back we will see the huge wasted effort of Western governments nd marginal political movements to move people that haven't and won't  actually move people and perceptions .  We could start a list here and you could help by responding . 

But let s not go there now - its depressing . Lets go to the window of the cave and look for the positive signs and you should be able to find some in your local area  Here are some in mine and is we students on the ground that made productive progress here   

See Ellul was right -- its not act global think local but still think local and act local   . 

Thinking Globally 
And now ,  while we are aware that over clearing overgrazing and profligate use of our fossil fuel resources still threatens to undermine even the cost carefully constructed economy 

It takes a lot of faith to even believe men are worth the trouble ,Maybe that cynicism is  the perception element that is now being eroded . Its true of us the duel  On one hand  we are greedy self centered  and indifferent and even blind to some of the bigger and wider issues .
What are we effectively doing even now on Australia day 2022  to address the issue that good things only come out of persistent study ? Maybe even Dylan is aiming into the air with the airy fairies by presuming to change perception . Read JB Peterson 

 Join a political group or just start your own ?
( That's a big question  -maybe some of us could join a group   
My point here is to make sure YOU are more effective where you are ---- that's how YOU can change the world ,.   As Dylan  comments below and the testimony of many disabled through history would stat -  ALL humans face the enormous risk of DISTRACTION 
--We only have a limited time here on earth to change the world - don't be distracted by other people and their perceptions and imperative causes
, IT NOT currently popular causes and more importantly your or other poor current perception  of what can be dome to make the world a better place .

The job for you and me is discovery 

"The biggest thing is that for every one thing you can’t do, there are 10,000 others you can. For every one idiot to give you a hard time, there are 10,000 others worth your time."[2]  Dylan Alcott 

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

I have a secret - related to a gift YOU will get for Christmas


Northofagus leaves 

I have a secret but I cannot proclaim it to the world YET  because the world is not ready for it yet
I do have a name for it though.

Relief from worry season  and real leaf  from worry season RFW
Which ever way you take it , you don't need to buy more expensive and useless tickets  to net zero to go to heaven 

No its detail is not something you know or  would have got from our PC scientifically illiterate and attention seeking noise makers 

And yes its about something you are likely to see on your Christmas  tree 
And yes its about something you and most others in  the world don't know or have overlooked 

You can ask me more about sequestration and the missing pieces of the leaf puzzle that have been muzzled 
The idea is that leaves have stoma and for eons they remind us that the earth is starving for CO2.

If you are a scientist  Look up Heaven and Earth by Ian Plimer  But please leaf any questions to me 
until after Christmas 

Peace be with you . 

RLW is  Perfect for advent when you worry you might say something at dinner that will cause people to fight ; 
Advent is a time when we can stop hanging it on each other , and if we do forgive each other and go on  celebrate the living working word of God ( Christians by Greg Sheridan  makes for great holiday  reading  ) 

Monday, August 09, 2021

Don't chase popularity

 It seemed almost imperative when we were young, but its the dumbest lead you can take .  Doesn't stop most people from falling for it ? 
Having a  change of heart and mind  over it as you get older takes some doing and many never sadly never do it  .

How does one do it ? -- a  change of mind is the best way to energize your heart 
A change of mind ( eg think "beyond nature" not "bound by nature"  )  is worth it , its worth it because chasing popularity wastes time and  means nothing . Your unique adventure is what matters .

Let me remind you the that the  earlier  you do it,  the better your life will be .
Don't wait till that face in the mirror tells you you are no longer cute . Its terribly late to wait till then to realize popularity means nothing .

Learn to build on the basics  Things that are true and metaphors that work
.As Jesus s said -  we are all like sheep ;  the best adventures for sheep are on the perimeter , not the centre where all the bleating and noise is . In the centre it is woefully plain , boring and misleading with fear messages coming in secondhand; you are not learning the precision you need to cut through in your own life . 

Let me  tell you my story . I could have been so cute and attractive by just changing a  little bit of my face, ( a few minutes work)  but I chose not to when i was a teenager  .  An odd feature  meant that I have  stayed a bit strange looking and so I tend to be pushed to  the background and have  accepted rejection and isolation in many areas of social engagement . 
I have never felt the need to change my decision because,  weighed up . the life of an outsider is one of the best , You get to be good at observing and that augers well for doing things well , writing building and inventing well and enjoying good writing and design  . I had one of the best jobs in the world where objectivity ( subjectivity of trusting the popular )  was essential ; I found a wonderful place in the world  that was beyond the wildest dreams of my teenage years - and i still love and get to practice that great profession , 
 You could say on the basis of my difficult and threatening  circumstances ( what nature  gives you to start with ) that I was even forced to learn what a wonderful thing it is to swim free - esp from peoples opinions ,
Whatever the herd mentality means it should mean madness to humans using their brains ( if not to animals )  Teenage years are  that time when you are likely to feel most isolated and the thought of your unique ness doesn't help you think you are much good help  or worth ).

I say make the most of who you are but learn to enjoy your uniqueness so you can really find your onw little place on earth before God calls you home.  There is a place on earth  and in your soul specifically made for you to occupy and enjoy so chase that biodiversity niche  idea for all you are worth .

You are unique - not meant to be a clone of your parents ( however much they would wish it) brothers or whomever hero  you spend your days tail ending for too long .   
Be yourself  Your resilience is dependent  not on what others do to you,or think of you 
but how well you adapt to your own unique  environment  

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Dig deeper --

 Its natural and sound to challenge your parents and teachers  because  history shows even when when we know something good,  we don't always do good .
Two issues then
A. What we know and
B,  What we ignore and deny  
You may think that universities and academic groups know things but both of the above weak points exist in education. What those who worship academia dont realize is that their focus is often so tight looking down the microscope that they risk missing the  machinery of action.    
You may think that people with heaps of experience know things but with lots of broken families and broken and self serving institutions you would be wise to  be suspicious . People hide their failures- you can rely on that , The more apparent boasting and focus on "the other bloke "   the more you should be suspicious. 

I have both experience and education and can make sound land management risk decisions quickly. Once you dig deep enough you can find a FOUNDATION for decision making that doesn't leave those who rely on you farmers and developers. 
I know when to consult my professors and when to tell them the bottom line , I told them as a soil scientist to forget the  dreaming of politicians but increasingly they take the money and run , eventually eroding any respect between the three of us . You are on your own but once you realize that you can learn to be better at answering questions and be very good at what you do.
I will publish a response that shows how far politics can take us from professional competence in the NEXT POST . 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Celebrate AUSTRALIA DAY-- love your neighbour even if you don't always like them .

Trust Michael Leunig to settle the dust and the hype on Australia day.

What a great challenge he has given us to think through what it might mean to really celebrate our home together . What a great challenge to look forward to meeting our neighbours - whoever they are . It can hard though as we hardly know them . We shouldn't feel bad that we don't like each other , but Michael's call is the great and effective one from our past . Love thy neighbor as you love yourself
Love is not only the bigger and harder thing, its the best thing. Take the classic left right division
I don't like -many conservatives because most are too often comfortable with the status quo .
-the left powerbrokers of the moment because they think they know what is right , who is wrong and NOW think they can corral us with laws they make up as they go along .   Too bad I can at least think about love , and where to get it when I need some more.

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Celebrate Christmas - like never before but better again

We don't place a nicely decorated football in a prominent position in the room 4 weeks before the final, like we do with Christmas trees. 
I guess its  partly because we don't know , till the very day of celebration,  which persons will win .
The Jewish people didn't know who was coming when  they set a spare place for centuries  for the unknown and unseen visitor  . The door was left ajar and the setting left free in anticipation of a  guest at the table -  the Messiah  .
Whatever our faith, it seems to me we all share a prayer  for an end to the crisis (Covid , family's or political tensions)  ; an end to ALL  the hostilities just as out forefathers did on the battle fields on Christmas day.  
You may not be anticipating  much this Christmas  , but we can all anticipate good things and set a table place for someone to share our Christmas with us , present or just unseen. Have a blessed time anticipating things this Christmas time.]'

Friday, October 23, 2020

Know what you believe and test the rest

Had a great discussion the other day with someone who has been really struggling to be optimistic.
Its not something you can shake yourself out of eh? 
Yet we shared some great common ground . That  was good for all present because we don't know much really and we are all helped by being resisted with our often too quick and inadequate words and explanations.
Its bit  like Job's three friends - who after speaking ever so smartly,  eventually get to a better place and just shut up
When someone amongst is really suffering we can do little but be there and be quiet. As the neighbor book of Solomon's( Ecclesiastes)  says ' there is no explanation and chasing one a satisfactory one is chasing after the wind " 
We didn't give up though 

We started back to find some IF there is some solid ground to stand on -Our instincts were our starting point  . BUT who wants to go there too much when clearly it is some of the testosterone and hormonal "lizard" brain stuff that we wisely learn to resist .   Progress ?  
If we use that base level" nature knows best " simplicity  as a exercise for doing what we feel like,  we will never grow up . Life's cruelty can also kill us if we don't fight such simple nonsense and see beyond it .   None of us present were doing that so that firmer ground was positive . 
It was encouraging to find something ,even if it was very basic,  to agree on' : 
 The good part is all three of us were quite grown up , Nice to see us as the old wrinkles who were good company for each other .  We didn;t have the child like with us  no temptation  to lecture any kindergarten attendees  or worry /watch them heading  into another pit. 
So back to basics . 
Adrenalin is good for us, though we often worry needlessly when its product , anger, arrives . This is not just the fight or flight imperative,  but responding well to the anger that comes with it
Reactionary Post  Christian thinkers  often forget that anger is not wrong  but dangerous ;God our friend gets angry at sin but reminds us to not focus on the sinner but the sin and therefore to talk freely to the sin and not so much the sinners ( who we hope stops doing the wrong thing because its not him /her we are attacking or condemning ) 

Its Like life at its best :  that place where we accept the  challenge and the drive  to respond well too it - not just let its tough stuff drive a drive a nail through our feet . .Noradrenalin reminds us that we can and should deal with threats by ending the day with an apology.and or confession /realization 

If we sit on anger as some shallow behaviourists insist we do,  our suppressed anger we will get us depressed. If we don't speak straight and to the point  , our righteously angry friends will get red necked/ depressed  for no result , while our society stagnates in a calm pond of superficial  nonsense with dark things underneath and bullying and clowning around above .
No progress and a  loss of sustainability and resilience. 

The three amigos and others ( not finished yet )   

Chesterton -
The seeker who went deeper ; found solid ground beneath the surface
Ellul           -  The scientist who reminds us we  must do it well it not at all; The sociological scientist who reminds us that if put things in boxes , we will box our minds in  

Milton         - The rebel who saw hell and thrived on the insights 
Shakespeare - The man who taught us how to love all mankind fully 
Whitehead -  Another scientist who reminds us we  must do science well it not at all.  He is one who saw in the previous century the flood of foundless facts being assembled for the purpose of reinforcing ones own ignorance of them and their place.  

All say you must love something before you can know something about it ( Carlyle )